Quum Artis is the bet of our gallery to facilitate the development of digital printing collaborating artists.

The project Pedro Peña Art gallery is presented as a structure that transcends mere artworks marketing. Since we took our first steps in 2001, we committed to the development of a space inspired by the essence of coworking, a place where an exchange of knowledge to facilitate the transition to artists when their creations focus within the of digital printing. Quum Artis is a transit space equipped with the latest technology, here weaves a network of information based on the experience of each other, forming lines of work in this area of ​​knowledge that enrich the digital experience. Our digital printing workshop commitment to innovation, opening doors to both projects emerging artists to established names who wanted to dive into the digital experience, such as Antonio De Felipe, José Manuel Ciria, Brickmann Enrique, José Luis Alexanco...

This digital experiment has allowed these artists to place their works in multiple materials such as paper, canvas, cardboard, wood, acrylic, glass, metal (aluminum, stainless steel, Corten steel).